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Wondrous diversity

¬†Alistair Miles of the Kwiatkowski group writes about a new study of genetic variation in malarial mosquitoes. Alistair is jointly affiliated with the WTCHG and the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute. He is the informatics lead for the Ag1000G project, a … Continue reading

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The making of Europe

George Busby went to hear Harvard professor David Reich speak about his latest research on European ancestry in Oxford on 9 February 2015 Archaeologists who have dated the earliest stone tools, pots, and agricultural implements found in Europe tell us … Continue reading

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Personalised medicine and the phenome

WTCHG director Peter Donnelly recently attended the Personalized Medicine World Conference in California, where he recorded an interview with Dr Pat Salber about the prospects for genomic medicine. Click on the image to see his interview or read a transcript.

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Coding diabetes

Anna Gloyn and Cecilia Lindgren participate in international consortia dedicated to finding genetic associations with diabetes, obesity and other metabolic conditions. Their latest study took a slightly different tack. In 2003 the international Human Genome Project finally completed the sequence … Continue reading

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